Alien Invasion Film Save Yourselves! Gets Hilarious Retro Trailer


Save Yourselves! is set to officially debut in select theaters and on digital next month, bringing a twee and hilarious take on the tropes associated with sci-fi apocalypses. If the first trailer, which was released last week, didn’t already get you hooked on the upcoming movie, a new trailer is here to take things into an even more absurd direction. Alamo Drafthouse recently debuted an official “retro trailer” for the upcoming film, which reimagines its fluffy alien apocalypse in the style of an old sci-fi movie. The commitment to the bit goes pretty far, complete with old school title cards and sound effects.

The film follows Jack (John Reynolds) and Su (Sunita Mani), a Brooklyn couple who find themselves stuck in an alien-ravaged apocalypse after spending a week in a cabin upstate on a social media detox.

Reynolds is best known for his role in Search Party and Stranger Things, while Mani has had prominent roles in Mr. Robot and GLOW. Joining the duo in the film are Ben Sinclair, John Early, Jo Firestone, Gary Richardson, Johanna Day, Zenobia Shroff, and Amy Sedaris. The film is written and directed by Alex Huston Fisher and Eleanor Wilson, and debuted at Sundance to critical acclaim earlier this year.

While the film would definitely be eye-catching in any context, the notion of needing to break away from social media – and of feeling like you’re missing out on an apocalyptic scenario – definitely hit differently amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The idea came to me from spending spurts of time upstate writing, when I often didn’t have good cell service or WiFi,” Wilson told Women and Hollywood earlier this year. “I’m not as cool and relaxed as I would like to be in this scenario — which should be ideal — and it actually stresses me out quite a bit to be disconnected. Adding a real apocalypse to that trite fear was funny to me! I told the idea to Alex, my co-writer and director, and being a couple ourselves, it was very fun to start coming up with ideas of what “a couple” would do when faced with this. We mostly live thinking that the world is going to end any minute now, so it wasn’t a huge stretch of the imagination!”


What do you think of this “retro” trailer for Save Yourselves!? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Save Yourselves! is set to be released in theaters on October 2nd, and on digital on October 6th.

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