BATMAN/CATWOMAN Shows BRUCE & SELINA ‘From the Moment They Met Till the Moment They Die’

Credit: Clay Mann/Hi-Fi (DC)
Tom King

Tom King

Credit: Dylan King

Batman/Catwoman writer Tom King gave an update on the postponed DC series, telling Word Balloon some more details of the series’ plot – and giving an update on its planned release timeline.

“It’s hard to explain what Batman/Catwoman is without spoiling the whole thing,” King explained. “It’s about a 50-year relationship between Batman and Catwoman from the moment they met until the moment they die and what that relationship does to them over all these years. It’s huge.”

Batman/Catwoman ad

Batman/Catwoman ad

Credit: Clay Mann/Tomeu Morey (DC)

When asked if that means the story would involve a flash-forward to the future, King didn’t outright confirm this, but said the series was inspired by his own Batman Annual #2, which shows two moments – Bruce and Selina’s first kiss and last kiss – as a juxtaposition of their lives.

“If you liked that issue of Batman, that tone of things, being able to pull back the camera and so far you can see the whole lives or so close you can see one moment, that’s what it’s gonna be about.” 

As for when Batman/Catwoman, which was originally scheduled to launch in January 2020 but which has yet to be solicited at least into April, would actually release, King confessed it “might be a while.”

Credit: Clay Mann/Hi-Fi (DC)

“I’ve written up to issue #4,” King explained. “[Clay Mann] is drawing the whole thing so it’s gonna be a while … I truly believe he’s the best artist in comics and he’s doing the best work of his life.”

King called Batman/Catwoman his Batman: Year One or Dark Knight Returns – a standalone tale that holds up through the test of time. 

“In the rush of doing 85 issues, double shipped, I never got to do something as simple and as beautiful as Year One which was four issues or Dark Knight Returns, which was four issues, oversized. Just a perfect gem of a comic,” King said. “That’s what I’m trying to do with Bat/Cat, so it’s a totally different thing from the main series.”

“It’s a romance comic, but it’s about … when you couple with a person that coupling in itself changes, and you have to find out if that new person you are is compatible with the person you’ve chosen.”

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