Ray Fisher Accuses Warner Bros. Pictures of Spreading Misinformation Amid Justice League Dispute


Ray Fisher is accusing Warner Bros. Pictures of spreading misinformation amid the ongoing Justice League dispute. The Cyborg actor took to Twitter to let his fans know what was on his mind. It’s been a busy day in the DC Comics world as it relates tot eh Justice League actor. Earlier today, The Hollywood Reporter had a report where Fisher’s cameo in The Flash was supposedly in jeopardy because of everything that is going on. The Cyborg star has claimed that Warner Bros. was holding that cameo above his head in order for him to calm down about his claims of misconduct on the Justice League set as it relates to Joss Whedon and Geoff Johns. This whole ordeal has spilled out onto the Internet where fans of both sides are battling it out about who is right and who is wrong in this matter.

Earlier today, Comicbook.com’s Nicole Drum broke the lastest news down as it relates to the misconduct investigation.

“According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fisher is in talks with Warner Bros. to appear as Cyborg in The Flash as there are options in his contract about future appearances, but part of the issue is the substance of the appearance as well as the compensation. Earlier drafts of The Flash had a larger appearance planned for Cyborg, but the current script featured a reduced role,” Drum said. “Adding to that, the report notes that sources indicate that the studio exercised its option for The Flash and upped its negotiating price for what is reportedly a “three-scene appearances.” Fisher’s side reportedly countered asking for double that price, something Warner Bros. turned down and the negotiations have been stalled since.”

She added, “Complicating this entire situation is the ongoing divide with Warner Bros. and Fisher. Earlier this year, Fisher spoke out about his on-set treatment while filming reshoots on Justice League under Joss Whedon, who he specifically accused of gross misconduct and has remained vocal, even after Warner Bros. launched an independent investigation into the behavior last month. Earlier this month, Fisher doubled down on his statements, accusing current DC Films head Walter Hamada of trying to sidestep the investigation. Warner Bros. put out a statement just days prior saying that Fisher was not cooperating in the investigation, claims that the actor quickly denied.”

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